• kassesystem til loppemarkeder/loppehal

System for consignment stores and second hand shops dealing with commission

Do you have a flea market, second hand or a consignment shop where you sell items on commission and possibly rent out shelves or stands? We provide a modern point-of-sale system as well as a system to manage vendors, payments, etc. The system is developed specifically to cater to the unique needs of this type of store.

Here’s an example of how easy it is to create new consignors.


Barcodes are applied to all items for consignors, making it easy and quick to sell the items in the point-of-sale system.

Complete system for consigment- & secondhand shops

With FlexPOS and FleaLover, you get a complete and practical solution that helps automate the daily workflows of your store. Our point-of-sale system for flea markets is a reliable, modern, and integrated web-based system designed to manage the entire concept. NoviPOS has many years of experience in commission-based business and has developed a unique system for flea markets, consignment stores and second hand shops called FleaLover. The system adheres to the current value-added tax rules in the area, where, for example, value-added tax is applicable to booth rental and profits from commission sales. It is simple and fast when printing price labels for customers, and you can quickly overview the entire customer list, which has the capability to sell both used and new consignment items.

Our point-of-sale system for flea markets and consignment stores is specifically designed for this type of business, ensuring that you get everything you need. With our POS system, you receive a solution tailored to meet the requirements of a flea market- or consignment store operation, providing you with all the tools necessary to efficiently run your business.

Login for customers

It only takes one click to invite the store’s booth consignors to the FleaLover system. The customer receives an invitation email with access to their sales information, allowing them to continuously monitor their commission sales online through their PC, tablet, or smartphone, and get an overview of their share in self-selected date intervals. The store also has the option to inform customers about special events, provide information about opening hours, and other relevant details about the store, which become visible when they log in to view sales information.

Booking system

How many shelves do we have available? Who has booked a shelf? Do you want to avoid manual paperwork and sticky notes? With an integrated booking system in FleaLover, you can easily create and customize the store shelfs overview to match the number of shelves and their corresponding designations. The system provides a useful overview of which customers have booked the specific shelves across all months, and it is easy to create and modify a specific booking. Each customer also has a booking history that you can refer back to at a later time, where it is also possible to see the payment status for the respective booking.

Point-of-sale system equipment

We naturally provide the system with the most modern equipment, so you get a cash register with a touchscreen and customer display, receipt printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and an credit card terminal as part of the solution.

If you already have a Windows PC, reciept printer, credit card terminal ect., we can also install the software on your own hardware.

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Are you planning to open soon? We will send the system to you, as quickly as possible, and will be available to support you in the setup-process, when you have recieved it.

Subscription at low price

At NoviPOS, we believe that a point-of-sale system should not be a expensive investment. Rent the entire system from us at a fixed low monthly price.

Free support

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FleaLover is the system for managing all the store’s vendors. This is where they are created with all their basic data, booked onto the store’s booths, and from here, you can invite them to create products and view their sales figures (see an example of access to sales figures below on both a tablet and smartphone). Consignors can also download our app for iOS and Android.

You can also easily calculate sales from FleaLover, making it easy for consignors to recieve their payment. You can then get a payment list from the system, which can be easily imported into your online banking system.

All in all, a system that makes it easy and efficient to manage all commission sales in the store from one system!

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